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Here you'll find a collection of articles I've written while working at The Independent Florida Alligator, a student operated daily with a circulation of over 30,000 readers.

Research Papers

This is a compilation of case studies, sales proposals, comparitive studies and pieces of literature I've worked on througout my college career. Below is a brief synopsis of some of these papers.

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  • LakeView Case Study
    This paper consisted of an in-depth analysis of demographic data compiled through a research method called PRIZMs, which classifies people in clusters based upon socio-economic rank. The purpose of the paper was to propose a strategic plan for LakeView Cable. A plan that would enable them to compete against their competitors, retain customers, introduce advertising packages and prepare the company for the demand of cable modems.
  • Media Convergence Study
    This research paper started with a personal visit to The Orlando Sentinel where I interviewed the Deputy Managing Editor of multimedia, and the Executive Producer of Tribune Interactive. After this initial introduction to a multimedia newsroom I researched other converging media organizations from around the country.
  • Profile Feature
    This assignment for a sports literature class was conducted over a four-week period. During this time I interviewed an 84-year-old fan of the University of Florida football team and former players she spoke about in her stories. I researched the history behind the University of Florida football program and related it to the transcribed notes of our interview sessions.
  • Comparitive Study of Sports Agents
    For this paper I collected a number of articles written in the last ten years about sports agents. I then drew conclusions about agents based on the literature I studied and compared it to information I and others obtained by interviewing over 20 certified agents.