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Struck by the sound
Natalie Maxwell
Staff Writer

From The Gator Times,
March 22 - March 29, 2000

The unsuspecting victim, who was attending a concert at Brick City Music Hall last Tuesday, had successfully avoided the mosh pit to the left of the stage. She glanced over to make sure the pit was not still growing in size.

As she returned her gaze towards the stage, she was suddenly struck in the forehead and fainted, falling to the floor. The crowd surrounding the girl exploded with laughter.

It sounds like a scene out of one of the recent teen movies put out by Hollywood. However, it is a scene out of my life and it's all true except for the part about fainting and falling to the ground. Also, the entire crowd did not erupt with laughter, but the people who witnessed the event found it to be very humorous.

I had a high school English teacher who was convinced that fainting should be brought back because it was an art form used by women of old to avoid dealing with situations.

I wished at that moment in time I had been practicing the art so that I could have avoided the situation. Instead I stood there dumbfounded, not sure what had just happened.

The people in front of me began frantically searching the ground and eventually arose with a drum stick. I had been struck by a drum stick.

So now I have several profitable options available to me. I could sell my story to Hollywood in the form of a screen play. After all, most movies made today are based on books or real life events. I could sue the band. We happen to live in a country where a person can win a law suit against a fast-food chain because they spilled hot coffee on them self.

The band, who shall remain nameless, can rest assured that no such action will be taken on my behalf, but I do have some advice for them.

If you think this was a freak accident, you are correct. If you think this could never happen again, let me assure you that I am not the only uncoordinated, near-sighted concert goer. In the future I would advise tossing objects to people nearer to the stage, instead of launching objects out into the crowd.

To the guy that was standing in front of me, you know who you are. Just so you know, it's impossible to whisper at a concert and I hope you and your friends enjoyed laughing at my expense. Secondly, I want my drum stick back. After all I am the one who nearly suffered a concussion.

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