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House on Haunted Hill
Natalie Maxwell
Staff Writer

From The Gator Times,
April 26 - April 30, 2000

If you received an invitation from someone you had never heard of to attend a party for a person you had never heard of, would you go? What if you were guaranteed one million dollars for attending?

This is what happens to four strangers in "House on Haunted Hill." They each receive an invitation that reads "terror, humiliation, perhaps even murder will be the entertainment with one million dollars paid to those that survive the entire night inside the walls of the House on Haunted Hill."

Each one excepts the challenge and shows up to the house. A bumbling idiot, played by Chris Kattan, leads them up the hill to the house. Once inside they meet their host, played by Geoffrey Rush, who assures them that the invitations are legit. The only problem is that these are not the people that he invited. Kattan is extremely anxious to collect his payment for escorting the guests so that he can leave. As he is about to leave, the old emergency lock down system is mysteriously engaged and they are all trapped inside the house.

That is the beginning of the end for all of them, at least according to Kattan. He swears the house, which used to be a psychiatric institute for the criminally insane, is evil and is going to kill them all.

However, instead of asking yourself if they will survive the night, you will be asking yourself is it over yet. Though only 90 minutes long, the film's underdeveloped plot is slow to materialize. On the other hand, it does have two of the necessary components of a horror film: blood and breasts. Even though there is no sex in this movie, it manages to show several scenes with naked women.

The only thing that is scary about this flick is that people like Kattan, Rush, and Taye Diggs willingly agreed to be part of the cast.

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