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Some of my most treasured memories are from my summers as a child. Starting the summer before my 6th grade year I went to sleep-away camp for five consecutive seasons. I used to look forward to my summers all year. CAMP WAS MY SECOND HOME!

After a few summers off, I began to miss my summer experiences and the desire to return to camp began to consume me. I decided it was time to give back. I had always loved my counselors and felt that it was time to have an impact on somebody else's life.

I decided to work at a camp in upstate New York, CAMP PONTIAC. It was there that I began to fall in love with the whole experience all over again. I run a division of 40 children and I supervise 11 counselors.

As a camper, the biggest honor was when you were a counselor and became a GENERAL in COLOR WAR. Color War is a five-day competition where the whole camp is split in half and an intense competition in sporting events takes place. The two GENERAL'S, one male and one female, are in charge of making sure all the events are running smoothly and overseeing half of the entire staff. Pep talks and words of encouragement to play hard and enjoy the competition are needed throughout the week.

RED PIRATES/WHITE JEDI MASTERS The summer of 2000 I became a GENERAL. The Red Pirates Of The Caribbean were our team. It was as if my time going to camp was all coming full circle. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top of the totem pole. It was the biggest rush I have ever experienced. Matt, my co-general, our officers and staff worked hard for five long days and nights. We led our team to victory and I felt more accomplished than ever before!

The summer of 2000 was my best summer at camp! I made the most amazing friends and memories! My closest friends are English and live in England. Now I have an excuse to travel!

I am planning to return to camp this summer. I would like to eventually work in the corporate part of camp, recruiting, directing or even one day owning a camp of my own.