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When a child is brought up in Western New York, he or she will most likely become a lifetime Buffalo Sabres fan. This is especially true for the child whose parents are Sabres fanatics. So, when that child has the opportunity to intern with her favorite team of any sport, a lifetime dream is fulfilled.

Working with a professional hockey team is unlike any experience imagineable. Going to work is going to the playground. That is not to say that the job is not difficult, professional, or time consuming. The job is simply fun. Every day holds a new adventure.

Due to the vastness of marketing responsibilities, most professional teams carry a large marketing intern contingent. Game presentation, handouts, advertising, community relations, and sales are but a few of the activities that may claim the time of an NHL marketing intern. But the sheer amount of information that will be learned is endless. A year long internship is simply not enough time to learn more than the fundamentals of a sports franchise. But the ride is a thrill!