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   As an online media student, I find loads of design help on the Web.
From groovy free fonts to HTML tutorials, you can find it all online.
The following are a few basic resources I like to use when designing sites.

Web Tutorials
Webmonkey -- One shot stop for quick HTML tutorials, design help and tips and tricks.
HTML Goodies -- More tips and tutorials.

Font Fairy -- HUGE source of free fonts to download for use in graphics, etc.
Fontastic! -- Lots of futuristic and graffiti-looking fonts.

RGB to hexidecimal converter -- Don't have the latest version of Photoshop to do your conversions? Use this EASY converter.
Palette Man -- Pick color schemes and view browser-safe colors.

Other helpful resources
Chickpages -- Get FREE Web space! Also provides free backgrounds and images to use on pages.
Cool Archive -- A little on the obnoxious side, but has tons of free fonts, graphics, icons, bars and more.

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