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   The Web's not all work though!
People have put a lot of wacky stuff up on this Internet thing.
The following are some fun Web sites I like to visit.

Piercing Mildred -- Pick a character, start your bank account, pierce and tattoo away!
The Onion -- Parody news at its finest.
Internet Movie Database -- Everything you've ever wanted to know about movies, actors and Hollywood.
Wu Names -- Find out what your name is in Wu-speak.
CliffyB's Cat Scan -- Weird people who scan their cats. Check out the daily scan!
Mr. Incredible Starchy Tuber Head -- Devoted to the one-and-only Mr. Potatohead.
Harry Potter -- True Harry Potter fans will be amazed. Try on the Sorting Hat and eat Bertis Bott's Every flavor beans!
Jesus Dress Up -- Choose outfits for your favorite religious icon!

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