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   And now for the good stuff. I know you've just been dying to find out who made this incredible site.

meI'm a Leo born and raised in Tampa, Fl and now a computer-savvy journalism major at the University of Florida. My specialization is in online media and I hope to make lots of money in the near future working for a dot-com somewhere - preferably not in Florida.

I work at the Independent Florida Alligator on the online staff, where I post the paper on the Net. It's good experience, but the late-night hours stink.

I've also been the Publix princess since high school. It's a southern-based grocery store and I've been there forever. I count cash and do accounting in this tiny little claustrophobic room. They pay me well, and I grin and bear the menial labor.

mom and dadThese are my folks. They're both from Ohio and migrated down to Tampa in the 70s. My mom teaches elementary school gifted and my dad runs a travel agency. Besides my sister and brother, all of the rest of my family lives in Ohio.

So right now I'm basically doing a lot of workin' and schoolin'. I like to read and watch movies and hear bands play and go dancing and see performances etc, etc. Pottery is also a hobby. I picked it up after taking a ceramics class at UF. It's fun to get all dirty and make stuff you can really use.

mildredI have a pet tarantula, Mildred, my boyfriend Matt gave me for Christmas a few years ago. She's scary, beautiful and intriguing all at the same time. The only thing that really bothers me about her is having to handle her live crickets that she feeds off. Yuck!

So that about wraps it up for now. I hope you found my site at least a little bit useful and entertaining!

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