Rythm of my Soul
The Beat Goes On

A rhythm runs through my soul, coloring my life.
This rhythm is strongest when I dance. Dancing allows my soul to fly free, find rest and expression.

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Elizabeth's History

Few art forms are as old as dancing. People have used body movement as a form of expression since time began. My body has danced since ever since I can remember. With or without music, cheoreographed or free-form, my body loves to move!

I have performed all different styles of dance, admittedly some better than others. These styles include, swing, African, Irish soft and hard shoe, modern, jazz, lyrical, and tap dancing. The two styles I most prefer, however, are clogging and sacred dancing.


Clogging is a form of dance that is truly American because it combines many different styles from the different cultures and traditions that immigrants brought to the United States. It originated in the Appalachian region with strong ties to Irish step dancing.

Cloggers wear leather shoes with steel taps that are "loosely" attached to the shoe, which makes a different sound than tap shoes. Dancers may perform a pre-arranged routine or free-style and may choose to dance alone, with a partner or with a large group. Clogging was originally done to blue grass music, but is often performed to all styles of music.

Personal Experience
I have clogged since I was 6 years old with the Southern Exposure team in St. Petersburg, FL. With this team I had the opportunity to dance proffessionally and also amassed several awards including many state championships and seven national titles.

Sacred Dance

Sacred dance is best defined by looking at the words that make up the defintion.
Sacred - Regarded with the respect or reverence accorded holy things; venerated; hallowed.
Dance - To move the body and the feet rhythmically.

Sacred dance is a style of dance that worships God with the body. It can be done privately or in a worship service, alone or with a group. Some churches view dancing as sinful because it focuses attention on the body, but it is important to remember that all things can be sinful if not approached with the right attitude.

References to Dancing in the Scriptures
Psalm 149:4 - Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.
Psalm 150:4 - Praise him with the timbrel and dance.
2 Samuel 6:14 - And David danced before the LORD with all his might.

Personal Experience
I have had the opportunity to help lead worship services on both Christmas and Easter with sacred dance. Being moved by a spirit stronger than your own is a powerful and incredible experience. Praising God through dance is an innate urge inside me.


Clogging Links
The Clogging Page-This page gives the history of the dance and tells about the different styles and traditions in clogging.

Clogdancing.com- This is the place to speak with cloggers, ask your questions or just see the web site where cloggers get their information.

Sacred Dance Links
The Sacred Dance Guild

Christian Sacred Dance

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