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Traveling has expanded my horizons and taught me about life.
My family are relentless travelers. Our ancestors must have been nomads!

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Let's Go!

United States of America

In my short life of 20 years, I have visited 35 states and Washington D.C. I plan on seeing the other 15 before my time is up. Most of this traveling was done in the family motor home. Long road trips took me to places in my geography books like Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Washington in Maine. Usually, the road took me to North Carolina, which is the state I have spent most of my time in besides Florida.

Favorite Places
Most of my travels have been in the East, but one of my favorite places is the western state of Montana because of its space and natural beauty. Other places I enjoy include Portland, Maine, and the Rocky Mountains.

Tips for Travelling with Family
- Play your headphones too loud in the car.
- Get carsick.
- Drink the "Super Size" soda for lunch.
- Sing every song you can remember from elementary school.
- Forget your important medicine at home, remember 3 hours down the highway.


The summer after my senior year, my grandparents took me to Europe for a graduation present. We had a blast visiting Great Britain, France, Austria, Lichstenstein, Switzerland and Italy. We saw all the big monuments like Big Ben, the Eiffle Tower and the Venetian Gondolas.

Favorite Places
Switzerland was my favorite country. The natural beauty and friendly culture are wonderful, as is their chocolate. If you ever go, make sure to notice the flower boxes and funky cows. The Italian Alps, also known as the Dolomite Mountains are also spectacular.

Upcoming Spain Adventure - Summer 2001
This summer I will be studying at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. As part of the program I will live with a Spanish family and travel throughout the country. After the five week program I plan on travelling through France and Italy. Words cannot describe how excited I am about this trip.


My family LOVES to camp. I have camped since before I was born, no really, I have. Whether in a tent, a motorhome or pop-up camper, we have made our mark on quite a few campgrounds. Cades Cove and Ft. DeSoto are some of the favorites of the past.

Why Camp?
All humans have a desire to spend time in nature and camping is a wonderful way to do just that. Human schedules have a way of pushing aside the rhythm of nature and her cycles to which the body is attuned. Spending time outdoors will make you a better person, I promise. Oh, and don't forget the smores and nature hikes.

Backpacking - Primitive Camping
My favorite type of camping is backpacking because it allows you to completely break away from society. The sense of peace that comes from being miles away from the nearest phone, road, building or street light is unlike any other in the world. Not having a shower builds character. I have backpacked in the southeastern United States and hope to take on some Western trails in the future.


International Studies Abroad-Read about the program I will attend this summer in Spain.

Salamanca, Spain-Read about the city of Salamanca.

Backpacker Magazine- This magazine is full of wonderful information about this unique form of camping.

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