My Life as a Rebel

I grew up in the small little town of Madison, Florida as a child. It was the only place I knew as home and the haven of 3,000 people was a great place to grow up. It was just me and my dog for a lot of the time. I had great friends growing up, but as it should be, my dog was my best friend. My dog is still one of my best friends. Jeb (left) and Beauregard

Jeb is a golden retriever who is six years old. I have had him since my senior year of high school and it is a good thing because my black lab, Peggy, died during my freshman year of college after being my companion for close to 14 years. I miss her, but Jeb is great.

Ok, so my life hasn't always been that of a rebel if you consider it in the true Webster's Dictionary definition of the word. I was a good kid that almost always did what my mom and other adults expected of me. Yeah, I know it sucks but I just was that kind of kid. I still am to a degree.

But if you are talking about Rebel as in a member of the greatest group of people I have ever been around then Damn Right, I'm a Rebel. In case you missed it, or just didn't realize it, I did my undergraduate work at Ole Miss, which has the Rebel as it's mascot. Kyle, Me, Dan and Brendan at LSU

I am an avid sports fan and the Rebels are my team. I grew up as a Gator fan and am in grad school at the Univerity of Florida now, but it's hard to replace 5 years of being immersed in the culture of everything that is Ole Miss. Especially since I was in the Ole Miss marching band during my time at Ole Miss. I played the tuba and marching meant I got to see all the games and continue my love for music.
That's me on the far left in the white T-shirt

My fraternity life was also a big part of what I did as a student at Ole Miss. I joined Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity in the spring of my freshman year at Ole Miss at the encouraging of good friends of mine in Perry Moulds and Bobby Garret. Through Sig Ep I met some of the greatest guys I will ever meet in my life I feel certain. From my big brother, Bill Harlin, to my little brothers like Bart Lusk, Doug Hall, Parker Camp and Derek Haney I have truly got a group that I can call friends for life.