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"I am a black woman tall as a cypress,
strong beyond all definition still defying place and time and circumstance.
Look on me and be renewed.

-Mari Evans

Welcome to my cypher within cyberspace! This site is dedicated to the spirit of African American women both past and present. In the spirit of Kuuamba (creativity) I've chosen to honor their legacy by featuring the artwork of Charles Bibbs, Albert Fennell and LaShun Beal. These world reknown, African American male artist have keenly captured the soul and spirit of African beauty on canvas. In addition, throughout the site I've included snapshots of African American women writers, through quotes and excerpts of thier works.

I find that through celebrating my ancestoral past, I am able to find my humanity and heartbeat that dances to a melodic rhythm composed by African American women musicians, inventors, scientist, educators, and artist. It is my hope that you leave inspired with an appreciation of the culture that defines my being.

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