These are a few of the places that I have visited. . .

This is me in front of the Versace mansion in South Beach, Miami.

I spent a weekend there with my mother in the spring of 2000. We went roller-blading around the famous beach city during the day and explored the cafes and nightclubs at night. The best thing about South Beach is the tremendous amount of color and music that fills each city block. South Beach has the excitement of a big city and the bennefits of the beach.

North Carolina
My friend Allison took this picture of me at the bottom of "Looking Glass Falls" in the Pisgah State Park in North Carolina.

The two of us spent a week there during the summer of 2000. We hiked a different trail every day, periodically taking time to cool ourselves in the 35-degree creeks and waterfalls. We forgot about our busy lives and all of the work waiting for us in Gainesville, and enveloped ourselves in the woods.

This is me in front of Pike's Market in Seattle, WA during the fall of 2000.

I flew to the other side of the country for one day to go to the Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chilie Peppers Concert. This was a last-minute decision that turned into a great adventure because I had never before traveled further than Texas. I went with my manager and two friends to Pike's Market, where we had lunch and shopped. We also had coffee at the original Starbuck's Coffee. The trip was well worth the 14-hour plane ride.

This is Nicole C., Nicole M., Marla F. and me at the Just Natural Cafe in Negril, Jamaica.

We spent a week there during the spring of 2001. During that week, we went cliff-diving, snorkeling and exploring. The sun was brutal but the cool island breeze and amazing view made the paradise hard to leave.

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