How To Plant a Flower Bed:

  1. Step one- prepare the area marked for your flower bed by digging up any grass or roots and adding fertilizer. (wait a couple of days before going to step two.)
  2. Step two- Remove baby plants from their packages and organize them by size-the tallest in the back and shortest in front. Then seperate the roots a little at the bottom of each baby plant.
  3. Step three- Dig holes twice the diameter of the plant's every six inches in the prepared soil bed. Place one plant in each hole.
  4. Step four- Lightly water each plant and then fill in the extra space with more soil. (Make sure your plants are snug, but comfortable-the soil does not need to be pacled too tight!)
  5. Step five- Make sure to water your flower bed according to the plants' needs and keep weeds out of the soil. (Some plants make need to be pruned or trimmed as well!)
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