A Tour of the Lagoon

My friend Geoff took me for a boat ride to take some pictures of the lagoon and maybe catch some fish. Too bad the battery on the camera died halfway through the trip, and the fish didn't bite. But, we still had fun exploring! Here is a picture of my tour guide. my tour guide Geoff
Path through mangroves

This is a cut through the mangroves. Our boat barely fit and the water was very shallow. On the other side is a little lake where birds love to hang out. Many condominiums have been built around the Indian River Lagoon, as you can see in the background. This habitat is slowly being destroyed by developers.

a burned houseboat a stove

We came across this burned down houseboat on the other side of the mangrove path. We pulled the boat up next to it to take a look. In the middle of the rubble was a stove (right). I thought it was neat.

Ibis sitting in mangroves pelican at sunset

There are 310 species of birds in the Lagoon. This white ibis (left) is the only bird that would sit still long enough for me to take a picture. The brown pelican at sunset (right) was just pure luck, I must admit. We also saw osprey and herons that day, but I am not quick with the digital camera. Maybe next trip.