Family of Fishermen

...we do eat a lot of fish.

My mom with grouper My brother's fish

My mom, Dorothy, is a great angler. She fishes in tournaments all over the South. A few years ago she was awarded Lady Angler of the Southern Kingfish Association. I am so proud of her!

The grouper my mom is holding is an interesting fish. They are born female and then change to male when they are older. This is called "protogynous hermaphroditism." No kidding. It spawns in the Indian River Lagoon and then goes back to the Atlantic Ocean.

My brother, Brian, goes to school in Tallahassee. He misses the water just like I do. We love to go fishing, but it is very hard for us to get up at 5am. It is definitely worth it, as the picture shows! He's holding a cobia. It was delicious!