Links of Fancy
These are some of the links I visit most frequently. Use them as at your own discretion.

The Onion--America's Wittiest Paper
The Onion Cut into this hilarious "news" site and let the tears flow freely.

I'd rather be Phishing!
Phishcast Internet Radio Got bandwidth? Why not listen to groovin' tunes while surfin' the 'net?

The Phishingpole Download your favorite tunes/concerts in MP3, completely FREE! (This site is currently experiencing "red-tide.")

Phish.Com The "o-phish-al" homepage of the band. Fun stories at "This Month in Phishtory."

The Phish Net Where all the groupies get caught searching for up-to-the-minute happenings with the band.

The Helping Phriendly Book Need to remeber what songs were played at your first show? This site has all the stats.

Steal Your Face
Dead.Net The official homepage of the Grateful Dead, with facts and FAQs about the band and their side projects. This site goes FURTHER than other Dead sites. Check out Dick's Picks for the latest "live" releases.

SugarMegs This site has it all. Great shows available for play and download from dozens of great bands. Worth the visit.

Austin City Limits PBS offers great music/concerts by great bands in an intimate environment.

Sessions at West 54 Get into and behind the music and sounds of some today's (and yetserday's) greatest musicians. David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) is a trip as host.

I'm Bob Edwards:  This is Morning Edition
Jazz Set Branford Marsalis hosts the greatest jazz musicians of our times, weekly on NPR.

Piano Jazz Marian McPartlands voice is almost as beautiful as the music she creates with the guests on her weekly show.

Let's Juggle
Juggling.Org Juggling is a great way to relax and have fun--except for learning how to juggle five balls at once...

Juggling Equipment This site has everything you need to get started or to expand your juggling. Great prices and speedy service. (They don't even pay me to say that!)

Remember when we were young?
Social Studies Unit Plan My first website. Created with ClarisWorks on a Mac, believe it or not. (We did not use HTML, and it shows.)

The Ultimate Media Law Website How kooky. Here's a cheesy website that I created using Netscape Composer.

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