Full Devil Jacket

The show this time was an all-around more in-depth experience with the band....Kristen, her friend Keith and I showed up at the door, again a few hours early. We walked in like we owned the place, and watched as the numerous bands that would be playing that night set up equipment and mill around the club, most of them drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. I was worried the guys in Full Devil Jacket wouldn't recognize us, but sure enough, they smiled and welcomed us back. As they were busy, Kristen and I sat at the bar, and talked with the bartender. Then, I saw the lead singer Josh head toward the front door of the club, looking like he had a purpose. I casually asked him where he was headed, and he said he was going to go buy a shirt to perform in that evening. Then (and I think it was a spur of the moment thing) he invited me, Kristen, and Keith to go with them to the store!
cover of their album We walked outside with the 5 guys in the band, and hopped into their van. At this point in their musical careers, they were not yet big enough to have an almighty BUS. So we all piled in, and went in search of one red shirt. None of us being from Orlando, we got a little bit lost in all the wayward side streets of the town. Eventually however, we found a store, and then it seemed that Josh decided he wanted only me to go into the store with him, so he grabbed my hand, and we walked inside the store together. Again he was flirting with me a lot, as I helped him find a suitable shirt to wear that night.
We finally found a proper shirt, and he purchased it and we walked back outside and into the waiting van. I thought that was the last of our outing, but then the van took all of us to the hotel that the guys were staying in that night. I don't recall the name of it, but it was only a few blocks from the Sapphire. They parked the van, and we all walked in the front door of the hotel. I felt like one of those girls in those music videos. Like I could just walk anywhere, because-- Hey, I'm with the band!
By this time, it felt like only Josh was "entertaining" my two friends and I. He let us into his hotel room, and for a little while, we were all sitting on his bed and just joking around with each other, like old friends. Josh left us for a while to go get dressed and prepared, so we sat and watched television.
The picture to the right is one Kristen took of me while Josh was in the bathroom. In the back, you can plainly see some of the "ROCK STAR" clothing that he wears. He soon came out and it was time to go back to the club. We walked the short distance, and, once there, Josh left us to go set up. The show, like before, was awesome. Several bands played that night, most of whom I can't remember. The most memorable part of the evening came that night, after all the bands had finished. the author in hotel room
The last band was just finishing up their set when Kristen, Keith, and I returned to the club from looking at various shops down the street. (We had left an hour or so earlier, when some non-descript bands took the stage.) We thought to ourselves, "Oh look, we arrived just on time. Now we can go socialize." Kristen and I wandered off together towards the back of the club, to this area where the musicians usually talk to fans and take photos with them. We were standing there, people-watching, minding our own business, when this man with dreadlocks and a thick Jamacain accent began talking to us. He said he could introduce us to some people, and led us farther into the dense crowd.
Now, I know Josh had been flirting with me all night, but I am not one to take that kind of stuff seriously. So when suddenly he walked up to me and began to kiss me, I was really taken aback. I didn't know what to say or do really, but then I felt Kristen tap me on the shoulder. I turned around, and she was giving me a death-look to end all death-looks. I backed away from him, and told him we had to go home then. He walked us out, and we all said goodbye. I must say that was one of the most interesting things that happened to me in my teen years. Ahhh, memories....

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