Full Devil Jacket

My Full Devil Jacket story comes in two installments. The first time I saw them was on March 22, 1999 with my friend Kristen again. Again it was at the Sapphire Supper Club in downtown Orlando, Florida. This was the same show as the Finger Eleven show I talked about. We showed up early, and saw a guy standing outside fiddling with the stand-up marquis on the sidewalk outside the front door to the club. Kristen, ever the outgoing one, went up to him and said, "Hi! Are you a roadie?" He turned around and smiled and said, "No, I'm the singer." He introduced himself as Josh Brown and his band as Full Devil Jacket.
full devil jacket We proceeded to talk to him inside the club, sitting on stools at the bar. He thanked us for coming to the show. I thought it kind of funny that, until five minutes ago, we hadn't even known they were going to be playing there. He was very friendly and flirtatious, as were all the other members of the bands. (I think they were just trying too hard to win fans!) After the soundcheck which we sat in on, that is when the other fans of F11 began to pour in. We slowly made our way to the front after a while. Neither Kristen nor I are ones to sit on the sidelines at a show. As they began playing, I thought they were really good, but to tell the truth, I thought their music was less refined and organized than the songs of F11. But the lyrics had passion and anyone in the audience could tell that this was stuff he had gone through first-hand.
By the end of the set, everyone in the packed and sweaty room was exhausted. It was time to go home.We said goodbye to our new friends and promised we'd see them again the next time they came to town.The next time we saw them came about a month or two later, again at the Sapphire Supper Club...