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Amanda and me at Snoqualmie Falls My first year in college, I flew out to Seattle to visit my friend Amanda. This was my first trip out to the West Coast, and it is beautiful. It seems to move at a different pace than the East Eoast as well. Many structures are very contemporary in design, they are huge environmentalists on average and are very concerned with being politically correct. We watched a couple plays, went up in the famous Space Needle, the Woodland Park Zoo and here we are at Snoqualmie Falls.

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I visited the West Coast again, this time in Los Angeles. I went to visit Clara again who was interning there for a semester. It was a great experience to see L.A., but I am quite certain that I won't return. Everything is very commercial, artificial and plastic looking. There are no historical attractions and no culture, other a rather artificial one. One appeal of L.A. is the land. There are deserts, forests and beautiful beaches not too far away. The terrain has more variety in a few square miles than entire regions in the East enjoy. We saw the Mann Chinese Theater, which is the most historic structure there built circa 1930. Clara was doing a film internship and was able to sneak me onto the CBS and Fox lots to see sets of some prominenent television shows and movies.

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