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Jane of the Jungle, Fun with Dick and Jane, Sweet baby Jane, Mary-Jane, Lady Jane. With apologies to the bard, "Could such a name be oh so sweet?" The moniker "Jane" has been worn by many a fair damsel and served as inspiration for word and song throughout the ages.

Jane is a one syllable name of Hebrew origin which translates to mean, "God's gracious gift," or "God has been gracious and shown favor." Also, it is the feminine of the male name, "John." Yet, despite it's noble beginnings and meanings, according to the 1990 U.S. Census, "Jane" ranks as only the 77th most popular name in the United States.

This web site is devoted to raising the world consciousness of the significance of the name "Jane" and thereby increasing its popularity. Do we really need another "Tiffany," "Amber" or "Brittney?" Let's hear it for plain old "Jane."

From here, you can link onto other webpages that list famous Janes, music and literature inspired by Jane and a little about a relatively unknown Jane.

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