Captain Critiques the Movies

Mouse Hunt

Captain's Rating: One paw
A true dud!

A friend of my owner brought MouseHunt over to watch with me. I guess he thought I would enjoy seeing a movie about a mouse... how original.

I must say that this movie was amusing. To think that any mouse actually had a brain is what really made me chuckle. Of course, nothing in this movie could ever really happen because mice are just inferior creatures. Everyone knows that all a mouse in good for is torturing then eating, if you can even get any meat off the bones.

The movie, overall, was a little obnoxious for my taste. The whole idea that one idiotic mouse could create such catastrophes over and over again really got on my nerves. Even more annoying than the mouse were the two knuckleheads that kept trying to catch it. These two brothers couldn't be any dumber if they tried.

I think if I could recommend this movie to anyone, I would recommend it to the smelly cat that lives near me. Actually, I would like to tie the cat to a chair, prop his eyelids open and make him watch MouseHunt over and over until his brain exploded.

Disclaimer: Captain does not really wish to harm the smelly neighbor cat, nor does he eat mice.

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