Captain Critiques the Movies

The Big Lebowski

Captain's Rating: Four pawsFour paws Four pawsFour paws
The ultimate ferret approval rating!

A good ferret friend of mine recommended this movie to me. Now, you might not think that this is the type of movie a ferret would like, and it's not, except for one scene in particular. You know what I'm talking about fellow ferrets and ferret lovers!

A little over half way thorough the movie, the hottest little thing you've ever seen walks onto the screen. Ay chihuahua! Sexy mama! She's no normal ferret! She is complete with a leather-studded collar and leash. This chick is even sexier after she is tossed in the tub and is sopping wet.

Ladies and gentlemen, this one hot ferret makes the whole movie worth watching. I recommend you see it today!