The college life has been an amazing experience for me. Although I have had the time of my life, I am excited about the path that lies before me. I have made many memories in the last 5 1/2 years having fun with friends, meeting new people, going to football and basketball games and learning what "not" to look for in a guy :-). Amongst all the fun, getting the most out of my college career (in the educational sense) has been my first priority and my main goal.

My internship at the Florida Baptist Convention was an experience that I believe will be very beneficial to me as a future public relations professional. Writing is the cornerstone of PR. I had the opportunity to face several assigments that required me to use my writing skills on a daily basis. During my time at the Convention, I exercised skills such as interviewing, writing, editing and photography. I also spent a large majority of my time traveling throughout Florida, meeting new people and accumulating clips for my portfolio. The stories I wrote were disseminated through a channel of state and national publications and across the Convention's website. Some of those stories are still on the site, so feel free to check them out. Click here for stories.

Getting an internship was one of the most benificial responsibilites I took on throughout my entire college career. I highly recommend to any college student to get at least 2 or 3 intenships. Having this experience will set you apart from the norm. Because of the two internships I have had, I feel confident that I will be an effective and efficient public relations professional.

I am currently working as an intern for the Gainesville Police Department. Continue reading to find out all the cool stuff I am doing there!