Me and David going skydiving
With college comes more than a just an education. Education is a main motivation, but what's college without FUN?! I made it a point to enjoy my college days and I strived to make the most of every situation. I didn't always succeed, but it is good advice to give.

My most recent adventure happened this past spring break. I was feeling a little crazy and spontanious and so I decided at 11:00 one night that I was going skydiving the next morning. I called up a couple friends and we all got up the next morning bright and early and went skydiving!

WOW! It was an amazing experience. I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be, but for a short moment I did wonder what in the heck I was doing there. I went tandem jumping, meaning that I was attached to another person (an experienced person), which made me feel very comfortable. I absolutely loved it! I am addicted now and I can't wait to do it again. I would like to make it a hobby, but that gets expensive. Now that I am graduating and will soon be getting a full-time job, maybe I will be able to go on a "regular basis". I ordred a video of my first skydive and I will be posting it on my website at a later date. So be sure to visit soon and check it out. It's a riot.

If you have been skydiving before, you know what I am talking about when I say that words can not explain the rush you get. If you have never done it, I highly recommend you go. Millions have tandem jumped, and only about 30 people have died. Isn't that encouraging :-)?

The place we went was called Skydive of Palatka. The instructors were great and the atmosphere was a blast. If you've never gone, or you have but are looking for a place to go, check out their website.

Skydiving Angels