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Let's take a trip to Japan

As I mentioned before, I am both a journalism and a Japanese major. I am excited about my trip to Japan next year for 11 months. I will be attending Kokugakuin University in Tokyo. During that time, I will be fully immersed in a language course, and I also will be taking classes in English such as Japanese philosophy, martial arts, Japanese culture, Japanese literature and Japanese history. Hopefully, I will have an internship, but I know that I will be writing and taking pictures regardless.

For the first six months, I will be in a homestay. I know it will be a challenge because families there tend to be more strict than American families. It would be a challenge living back home even in America, so I knowI will have to adjust. Among the challenges include very different foods, but I have tried to acquire a taste for these foods now. Luckily, growing up in an Asian household, I have gotten used to trying some "strange" dishes.

For the rest of my stay, I will be living in a dorm. The program I am enrolled in is fairly new, so there are only about 10 American or European students at the University. Therefore, I most likely will have a Japanese roommate. The curfew for the dorms is 11 p.m. for women, so again, I will have to adjust to that change as well.

I am a little nervous about my language skills. I feel like I'm ready to leave Gainesville, but even after two years of Japanese language courses, there is still so much to learn.

I can't wait to do some traveling while there. I know that Tokyo will be an experience in itself, but I plan to travel throughout Japan when I can. I also plan to go to other countries in Asia. I have a long winter and spring break, so I plan to go to Vietnam with my mother for two weeks, and I may even go somewhere else like Thailand. I am also planning for my friends Audra and Katherine to visit me.

cherry blossoms
So how about learning a little conversational Japanese?


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