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My Hobbies

I love my free time, even though I rarely have it. I have been playing rugby since last Fall. I had never played before, but a friend encouraged me to try it and I did. I am still learning, but I really love it. We travel all over the state, and we also had our big tournament trip a few weeks ago in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I will be traveling to Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day parade and international tournamen. It's a great sport not only for the exercise, but because it is a good experience to be a part of a team, especially with other women. It helps relieve the stress of day-to-day life. Rugby is a popular sport internationally with a rich tradition, so there's a special camaraderie between ruggers all over the world. We are known for our songs and excessive partying, but it's all in good fun. To learn more about rugby, check out the USA rugby team homepage at

I also enjoy spending time with my friends, whether it's drinking coffee and relaxing or just hanging out. I like to go out and see local bands play. One of my favorite bands is Soulfound. You can check out their Web site. I started to go to the shows because my friend Chris is in the band, but now I'm hooked!

rugby girls in New Orleans

Here is the rugby team in New Orleans.

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