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Some of my Friends and Family

my friends

Here are a few of my close friends. Katherine Micket, me, my mother (Thuy), and Cheri Deblaere.

audra and me

This is Audra Milligan and me at my home in Ormond Beach.

dave and me

This is my father (Dave) and me in Hanover, New Hampshire. We were visiting some family two summers ago.


This is Juno and me. My kitty is now a year old.

More about my friends:

I am fortunate to have some close friends and a supportive family. I met Audra in MMC 2100. We survived it, and have been great friends ever since. We even went to New York City together last summer and had a blast.

Katherine is my roommate. She and I have lived together for two years and amazingly have never gotten into an argument. I guess we're both just easy-going people. We went to high school together, but we actually really became good friends in college.

Cheri is another great friend of mine. I met her through Audra, and they are now roommates. She is one of the first friends that I've had who is also a first-generation American. Her mother is from Taiwan, and her father is from America. In that sense, we have a certain understanding about how we both grew up. We went to Jamaica together for Spring Break with a couple other friends and had a great time.

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