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Camping primitive style is not for me! I travel just one step up, in one of the smallest pop-ups available, for a bit of comfort. The brand name is Dutchmen, and for some reason, they plastered a duck logo all over the unit.
Quack! The pop-up, when down, is only 8 feet long, so towing it isn't much of a hassle (backing it into a space is always a challenge, however.) When it is cranked open, it extends to 12 feet, and can sleep 6. I put a small air conditioning unit on top when I bought it, because I am a wimp.
A pop-up is low maintenance and inexpensive to keep up. I have towed mine across the country to camp in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, and down to the Keys of Florida. Mostly, I enjoy extended weekend retreats in the state parks of Florida.
It pops up!
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