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Bay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

My mom, sister and I went to Costa Rica in the summer of 2000. We flew into the capital of San Juan and rented a car to drive to the coast. It was quite a journey because the roads were two lanes and winded up the mountains. We stayed at two places. First we stayed at Punta Leona, just north of Jaco Beach. It was really nice. We had our own private beach and restaurants. We did a lot of hiking in national parks looking for birds and monkeys.

Amy on Canopy Tour

One interesting adventure we had was the "45 minute hike to a waterfall." We paid the money and thought we would only be gone two hours at the most, because that is what the sign said. It was very steep climbing and we had to stop and swim at some lower pools to cool off. When we finally saw the waterfall it was huge and very powerful. We never thought we would make it out of the rainforest. We eventually made it back to our car five hours later. Something really unique was that on the way out I spotted a toucan.
My favorite thing we did was the rainforest canopy tour. We were swinging around like monkeys with our harnesses on gliding through the 10 lines connecting the tops of the trees. The second place we stayed was El Parador. There we did some more hiking at Manuel Antonio Park. We also got to go to the beach. We saw howler monkeys and white-faced monkeys. The pool at the hotel was awesome. It was up on a cliff by the ocean and had an infinity edge. It was like you were swimming into the ocean. We also took a horse back ride (I mean run) on the beach. Our guide, who was not bilingual, would whistle and the horse would start running down the beach.
Costa Rica is definitely a very interesting country to visit. But, if you think it's humid in Florida, then I know you haven't been to Costa Rica. The funniest thing was the bridges. They were made from old railroad ties and were only one lane, so you had to wait for oncoming traffic to cross.

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