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I went to Alaska when I was 19. I was looking for adventure, cool weather and to be as self-reliant and independent as possible. I took my bicycle, a map, hostel reservations and a lot of warm clothes. I bicycled out of the airport and after half an hour found the hostel. The people working there were very friendly, as, it seems, are all Alaskans. I made many friends during my stay, many with whom I still keep contact.

This picture is from Anchorage.

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Rollerblading in San Francisco

San Francisco.

In 1996 I took a semester off to travel out west. I spent time in Washington, Arizona and California. I try to incorporate outdoor sports into my travels, as you can see, I rollerbladed to the Golden Gate Bridge.

This picture was at a top of a large hill at the midpoint of my trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.

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I spend a lot of time outdoors. Sea kayaking is a great way to see the "real" Florida. I try to go every weekend with UF's Canoe and Raft Club. I have kayaked in the Keys, the Everglades, the East and West coasts of Florida and on many rivers with the club. We have seen manatees, alligators, sharks, manta rays and even a nuclear submarine!

Here I am in a sea kayak on the Withlachoochee river.

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Kayaking on the Withlachoochee

Cross-country skiing in Germany


I have been to Germany for several extended periods of time since 1994. The longest times were for half a year in 1998 and for the 1999-2000 school year. I have gone on several outdoor trips there, including a two day bike ride and a two day hiking trip in the mountains North of Frankfurt am Main.

My favorite trip was cross-country skiing for five days in the Black Forest. The picture shows how high we were in the mountains--there was a lot of downhill!

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I have been to the Tuscany region of Italy several times. I consider it one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. It is extremely green, like photos of Ireland, and sunny and has many rolling hills similar to the Smokey Mountains.

This view is from a small village on top of a mountain near Siena. It looked like a sea of mountains. Unfortunately photos never capture the view as beautiful as you see it.

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Tuscany Hills

Mt Etna


I have been to Sicily many times to visit my boyfriend's family. The weather is similar to Florida except it is very dry. It is a special culture that has the warmth of a small town and the "special" attributes that only islands have. A Sardinian girl once told me that people from the islands are different from mainland Italians. I believe it!

It is also a land with a rich cultural history. It has been invaded by many different cultures including the Normans and the Arabs. Sicily, especially the South East region, has a strong Greek influence. You can visit many ancient Greek ampitheaters--an especially beautiful one is in Taormina.

Here is my boyfriend and I on the top of the volcano Mount Etna.

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