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I am a graduate student in Mass Communications at the University of Florida and have a BA in Linguistics and minors in German and TESL. I enjoy traveling and adventure and have lived in Germany and Italy over the past years. I speak German and Italian almost fluently.

I grew up in Gainesville, but have left many times to satisfy my adventure streak. Yet every time I go away, I love Gainesville and all of Florida even more. To view my adventures and interests you can click on the categories above to view my:

Curriculum Vitae
My education, work experience and memberships.

My trips out west in California and Alaska, sea kayaking trips in Florida, cross-country skiing in Germany, the rolling green hills of Tuscany and Mount Etna in Sicily.

Languages I speak, want to learn and linguistics.
Maybe you will discover a new interest to pursue!
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EMAIL ME AT Tanya0510@hotmail.com
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