Sports Central

Yes, I am a sports freak. I pretty much watch anything except for NBA (my mom swears that its fixed) and soccer.

The Bills Of course, my number one team is the Buffalo Bills. I miss the atmosphere of having a home team, where everywhere you go, someone is wearing something with Bills on it. Yes, the Super Bowl years were the best. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and Andre Reed. They were the guys. My family and I went to Tampa for Super Bowl XXV. It had to be one of the best experiences of my life. Even though I was 11, I can still remember every minute of it. We didn't go to the game, but just to be there was absolutly amazing. The war was going on, so everyone was really emotional and the security was extreme. I remember after Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem, the fighter planes flew over the stadium, and then they flew right by our hotel window. Every time I see them fly, I think back to that moment.

Anyway, everyone thinks that the Bills are a bunch of losers, but they haven't missed the playoffs since before the four Super Bowls. This year they missed thanks to the genius himself, "Retard" Phillips. I don't know about you, but I usually expect a coach to wear a headset on the field instead of just whipping his hands in the air when something happens that he doesn't like. Is that a reasonable request??? With a new coach in there this year, it will be better. If the Bills keep Doug Flutie, we will be instant contenders, but if they keep Rob Johnson (loser), they are just hoping to win in the future, because we won't win soon with him. I'm not sure what they should do, it all depends if they think they can get another quarterback in a year or two.

Yankee Stadium My second favorite team is the New York Yankees. Yes, I know, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Since Buffalo didn't have a baseball team, the Yankees were the closest one. Plus, my dad was a major Yankees fan. I didn't pay too much attention to them until about 6 years ago, so don't begin to ask me about the old guys. The Red Sox and the Twins have their spring training in Fort Myers, so we always go when they are there. Plus, my absolute favorite Yankee, David Cone, is now on the Red Sox. I can't believe he is living in Fort Myers right now and I am not there! My first visit to Yankee Stadium was last May. We thought we might even get to see a decent team against the Yankees, but of course, when we were there, it was the Devil Rays. I haven't seen a regular season game against anyone except for the Devil Rays -- I can't seem to get away from them!

The Redskin Room Now, there are two teams that aren't really mine, but I root for them anyway. Mickey is a Washington Redskins fanatic. He grew up in Washington, and had been collecting Redskin stuff since he was a kid. A lot of it came from his older family members, so who knows how old some of the stuff is. He has taken over the garage, and converted it to the Redskin Room. There are three TV's in there, one hooked up to Direct TV. He has a bar area, a couch, two lazy-boy type chairs, and more. Pictures cannot even show you the half of it. You would be absolutly amazed.

Go Cards!

My other half-team is the St. Louis Cardinals. Matt is from St. Louis, and they have no direct competition with the Yankees, so I will cheer for them. Plus, my man Jim Edmonds is on the team. Matt and I went up to Atlanta when the Cards swept the Braves in the playoffs. Matt almost caught one of Jim's home-run balls in batting practice, but it bounced off his hand and over to some kids who he didn't want to tackle. See, if it would have touched my hand, I would have at least caught it! Matt is also addicted to sports, so when we went on a trip through the Carolinas, we had to stop at Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the Duke Blue Devils. When no one was looking, we made our way onto the court.

Cameron Indoor I am also a Gator Basketball fanatic. Forget about football, I'm over it. I have been to almost every game since Billy Donovan brought in Udonis, Teddy, Mike Miller, and LaDarius. Last year in the dorms, Kristen and I decided to build a shrine to our team on our door. Last year was amazing. I was able to get my dad tickets to the sweet sixteen in Syracuse, where he got to see UF beat the number one seed, Duke. Matt even went to the Final Four. Hopefully our team will build a tradition as big as Duke's and North Carolina's.