No, not my kids. My animals!

Well, sometimes my family and friends have to compete with my animals. But everyone who has ever had a pet knows how I feel. I swear my mom loves my dogs more than my sister and I. I love them all equally so they are in no particular order. I don't want to favor one, the others will get jealous!

Another quick thing about my animals is that they all aquire some crazy names along the way. They are just nicknames, but they do respond to them. Don't ask where some of the names come from, they just evolve.


Molly AKA: Stinky, Fat, Large, Mol-Mol, Fatty Fatty Two By Four, Madame Fat Black Cow in the Pasture

Molly is a black lab/pit bull mix. She is the most adorable thing in the world. We got her when she was one. She is about 6 now. Someone my mom worked with needed to give her away, so we took her. We think she was beaten when she was younger, because she still gets so scared when people yell or carry large things. She is totally a mommy's girl, and whines by my mom's room when SHE thinks its time for bed. Oh yeah, she is a bit large, but she broke her hip a few years ago, so she hasn't been able to get as much exercise. Not to mention that my sister says, "Stinky's not going to be able to get any thinner, so at least she'll be happy." This is as she gives Stinky any kind of people food.



AKA: Brown, Busta, Brownie, Bunny, Gusser, Busta for Lunch, Lunch, Mountain Lion

Gus came from one of my family's friends after Mickeys other baby, Sadie, passed away. She is a Belgian Malinois, and is supposed to be a police dog. That explains why she is so hyper, and so darn smart. She is about 3 now, and was so tiny when we first got her. She drives Molly crazy, jumping on her and biting her, when all Molly wants to do is lay down. She definitely has control over the house and everyone in it. Don't be surprised if you see dirt on the coffee table. She likes to just lay in the sun outside, then come and lay on the table with her two back legs still on the ground. Brownie is the baby in the family. She loves Mickey so much she'll just watch him all day. She'll love you too, if you have a tennis ball in your hands.


Sydney AKA: Chowder-Head, Froos, Froosie-Butt, Syd, Stinky Girl, Kujo

My roomate and I got Syd when someone she knew was moving to New York City. We are still not sure who is going to get Syd when we all graduate, but we know she'll be happy either way, and we didn't want her going to some stranger. Syd is about 2, is really lazy, and is a bit slow when she wants to be. She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and is bigger than both Stinky and Brown. She's a little schizophrenic when it comes to taking up her space on the bed, but she is so adorable, it doesn't matter. The coolest thing about Syd is that she loves everyone. We're not sure how good that will be, though, if there is ever an intruder.