My Friends

Lizzy, Kristine, Jodie

Here are three of my closest friends. Even though we don't get the chance to spend as much time together as we would like, it is always the best when we get back together.

This picture is from New Years Eve 2000. It was probably the most fun we have all had together ever. Lizzy is on the left. She was my roommate my freshman year in Simpson Hall. She's crazy -- just like the rest of them. Right now, nobody has heard from her in a while, so hopefully everything is cool. She's an advertising major, but changed her major so many times she'll be here a while!

Jodie is on the right. The party was her idea, and it was at her house in Naples. She made us all dress up for it, but it was definitly worth it. She also lived in Simpson. Her and Kristine were roommates the past year and a half. Together they have Lou, an adorable golden retriever.

Me and Kristine China Town Here is my best friend Kristine. Also known as Pop. We went to Fort Myers High together and have been close ever since. We do everything together. Notice she's wearing a Buffalo Bills sweatshirt that my dad bought for her when I brought her up to Buffalo. We have the best trips together. She got to meet Thurman Thomas at the bar, where she insists that he likes her more than me. Whatever, he held MY hand! And, I had a better conversation with him. She also got to meet Andre Reed there. Her sister lives in New York City and we have the best time up there too. We can tell you stories forever.

Although I am close will all of my friends, Pop is the only one that I can truely tell everything to. We plan on living in the same city after graduation. This is a picture of us in China Town in New York.

Kristen and Froos Kristen and I also met freshman year. We have been roommates ever since. There are only a few people in the world you can live with. I learned that well when Kristine and I hated each other when we lived together for a semester. When Kristen and I have issues, we pretty much know that it will be okay later. She is also an accounting major, and I met Matt through her. She'll be moving to Charlotte after graduation. Here is a picture of her and Sydney.