Where did I really come from?

Mickey and Gus My mom and her fiance Mickey live in Cape Coral and are trying to handle my crazy sister Sarah. My mom has worked in the medical field forever. She was an office manager at a doctor's office, but wanted to do more clinical stuff instead of paperwork. She is now an EKG technician at Cape Coral Hospital, but as we call it, The Cape Coral Hilton. I swear, its like a hotel inside. Mickey is a baker at Publix. He too, was able to be a manager, but liked doing the actual work, rather than telling someone else to do it. In actuality, they still both have to tell people what to do because no one else knows what they are doing. This picture of our dog Gus and Mickey is a normal occurance. She thinks she is the size of an infant.

My sister is a senior at Fort Myers High School, which is also where I went. We were both in the International Baccalaureate program. She wants to be a gastrointestinal doctor. She's a little weird. So in the advice of Sarah, make sure you eat your fresh broccoli to clense your colon. Sarah will be coming to UF for summer B. Watch out law enforcement officials. She'll be on the loose.

My dad still lives in Buffalo. He keeps saying he will be moving to Florida because he hates the weather, but we think he'll never do it. He used to work at The Big Tree Inn, which is a bar right next to Rich Stadium. He knows all of the Bills, so we usually get to see them when we go up. I still have never seen Jim Kelly though. My dad got to go to his wedding a few years back. He said it was pretty crazy with all of the security. They had to go through metal detectors. He also said that when his limo pulled up to the hall, there was a red carpet-like area, with fans on all sides, because there were supposed to be important people there, so him and his friends started waving to the fans like they were celebrities. My dad now works at a mental hospital. I say he should be a patient there, but he really is director of payroll.