Where did I come from?


I was born in Buffalo, N.Y. where I lived for 10 years. Yes, I am a major Bills fan, but you'll find out more about that in my sports section. My family then moved to Cape Coral, Fla., where they now live. My dad and most of my relatives still live in Buffalo, so I get to visit all the time.

Matt and Me I am now a journalism senior at the University of Florida. I would be graduating in May, but the college didn't like that I took a public relations course as an elective, so now I need to take an extra one. I started off with an editing emphasis, but now am moving towards graphics and online media.

After graduation, my boyfriend Matt and I will be moving to Tampa. He is getting his masters degree in accounting in May. He just finished his interviews with the Big 5 firms, and has one office visit so far. Here is a picture of Matt and I on our one year anniversary.

Who knows where I'll be working after graduation, but I hope to be doing something. My ideal job would be to work for a university athletic department and do all of their publications. Or, I would like to work with online media doing graphics and editing. I do not want to work in a newsroom. I learned that in my reporting class.