The World of Nicia

Nicia in Mexico The real me

Welcome! My name is Nicia (neesha) Walsh. Yes, that 4-year old on your left is me. I loved to play dress-up. I am 22 years old and am in my last semester at the University of Florida. I was born in Pensacola, fast-forward to the summer of '99 - I was in San Diego, working at McQuerter Group for a public relations internship. It was a blast - I had the greatest summer of my life in San Diego. While in San Diego I had the opportunity to go to Mexico. Definitely an exciting experience however let me just say that the coconut in the picture tastes worse than it looks - gross! The lower picture on the far right is a view of Pensacola Bay at sunset.

Pensacola sunset

Please feel free to e-mail me: Nicia Walsh.