"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"


Yes, well, that scene from Animal House was a very inspirational moment for me. And so is this, my first web page.

The following pages contain some information about me. I hope you find it...well, if not informative, at least entertaining.

In case you were wondering who I am, that's me on the left in the picture. The other was suppose to be me in a few years if I didn't quit smoking, so my friends kept telling me.

What else? Christ, is this four pages yet? Right...What else?

Ah, why not start from the begining. I'm currently a larval journalist at the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications.

I'm a first year master's student interested in feature writing and traveling. When I grow up I want to be a foreign correspondent--a gig where I can travel around, take in the local scenes, have a few drinks and write a few stories--in South America.

But with my luck, by the time I get there the continent will be full of stable, prosperous democracies and I'll have nothing to do except hang around Copacabana beach all day drinking margaritas. So I'm hedging my bets and have started flipping through newspapers on a regular basis to keep up with what's going on elsewhere. (People might find this hard to believe but we journalists actually do read what we write, although most would rather just wait for the movie version.)

But I digress...In the following you'll find out a little more about me: the What Makes Me Tick deal. In the process, you'll learn absolutely nothing about my personal life, family or friends. So might as well begin with some of my hobbies.

Ah, but where will it all end? For me it will be with a liver the size of Lake Okeechobee and student loans amounting to the GDP of about half of the world's nations.

You see, I've been in college for a while. I flirted with the PhD thing only to realize that that wasn't for me. So I stoppped off at a master's (my first) in Comparative Politics (my thesis was on Marxist Feminist Dance Therapy). This attempt didn't exactly make me employable so I ended up here.

I'll be done with journalism studies in another year or so and then I'm turning pro. And so that this exercise won't turn out to be a complete waist of cyber-space, I've decided also to include my resume. If you've been laughing at my gibberish so far, try not to laugh too much at my resume. If too many people do, that means I'm still unemployable and you know what that means--the PhD option will start to look damn good. Ye gods!

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Last update: March 12, 2000