Me in County Wicklow, Ireland

I was born and raised in Valdosta, GA. Itís a smallish town just north of the Florida line. There wasnít always a lot to do there, but I enjoyed it. I graduated from Valdosta State University with a BA in English in 2001 and really had no idea of what I wanted to do for a living. While I was working various jobs after graduation, I kind of stumbled into music journalism. I wrote a weekly music review column for The Valdosta Daily Times for about three years and was also a contributing writer to Modern Fix Magazine. These experiences led me to my decision to return to school.

Some of my interests include travel (when I can afford it), music and writing. I have had the opportunity to travel to some pretty great places in the last few years. Check out my travel page to learn more.

As far as music goes, Iíve been playing the guitar for about 10 years and I enjoy listening to all kinds of stuff. Like I said, my interest in music is really what led me back to school. I discovered that I could possibly combine a couple of my interests into what might be considered a career: music and writing. Since I have been back in school, I have quickly developed interests in literary journalism and online media as well.

Iíve been living in Gainesville for a little over six months now and I have really enjoyed it so far. I have met a lot of cool people and you never have to look far to find something to do. I work part-time at University Copy to help pay my bills while I am here and I also help out at a local record label, Barracuda Sound.

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