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My favorite hobby is music. I know that sounds general, but that's because listening is only the beginning. I have a set of turntables I use to manipulate and mix sounds to create new music. I spend hours on wikipedia going from artist to artist reading up on them. My favorite thing to do on a day off is go out to a record store and dig through crates looking for some random record that looks interesting to me. Hopefully there will be a strange loop, or a drum beat, on the record that I can sample to use in a beat of my own.

I've always loved music and my tastes have matured as I have personally. I grew up listening to mostly rock music. That is what my brothers listened to and so that is what I listened to. There were, however, a few key groups that helped implant in me a love of hip hop. These groups were The Beastie Boys and Rage Agaisnt The Machine, whom both are involved in hip hop in different ways. About three years ago I got into hip hop a lot more intensely. Now I'm not talking about the stuff you hear on the radio...that's not hip hop. The only time I have ever heard hip hop on the radio was on FIU's radio station in Miami. The artists I like are on smaller labels where they can have total creative control, which every artist should have. People on the radio are owned by corporations who tell them how their music should sound, then their record producers buy space on the radio to air their crap.

My musical tastes have greatly evolved since I began to listen toMadlib. Here's a link to one of Madlib videos.

From listening to Madlib's passion about music and researching the music he uses for samples and loops, my musical tastes have grown to encompass much more than just hip hop but the music that hip hop has been built on. I now have a love of funk, soul, and jazz music.

In February of 2006 my other favorite musician, J Dilla (James Yancey) passed away after struggling with Lupus. Dilla's music has helped me expand my view of hip hop as well as soul music, which most of his samples are based from. Many of the most respected hip hop musicians believe that J Dilla was the greatest beat maker ever. Here's a link to Dilla's myspace where you can peep some of his tracks.

I also make my own music, although after my hard drive got infected by viruses most of it was deleted. I did have a few things that I posted on the web so here they are. (May contain explicit material)

The first one is a Madlib song spliced with a Jay Z song where Jay Z steals the beat. The Next is an example of some good mixing of some hip hop. The first song is a Madlib beat, than a Dilla beat with Guilty Simpson rapping over it, than another Madlib beat. The thrid mix is a Madlib mix, all of the songs on it involve him. The last mix is something I made when I first got a mixer, it's really rough and doesn't really mix well.