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Biography Thus Far

What's up people? I'm Ben and this section of the page is to get to know a little bit about me. I grew up down south in Miami, in the rough streets of East Kendall. I went to Catholic school from elementary to high school, so of course, I'm fairly disinterested in religion. During high school I didn't participate in any events as school seemed unimportant to me. After I graduated I decided agaisnt staying in town and going to Florida International University, and moved north to Tallahassee to attend Tallahassee Community College.

I had two great years at TCC. Now-a-days I recommend to everyone to go to a small community college for their first two years of college. The attention I received completely changed my perception of school. For the first time I acutually cared about school, and the school that I was attending. At TCC I joined the newspaper and became the design editor as well as contributing stories and photographs. While I have learned a lot about journalism here at the University of Florida, I would never trade it for what I learned while working at the TCC paper.

I transfered into the Journalism program here at UF about two years ago. However, when I arrived I decided I wanted to see what else there was to study here. A year, and a minor in Education, later I decided to go ahead and complete my Journalism degree. Another year or so and I should have a degree in Journalism focusing on Photo Journalism.

If you want to contact me you can reach me my email at