Kelley Vogel-My Hobbies

Kelley Trischelle Vogel

My Penguins

I absolutelylove penguins. I have over 100 different kinds of penguins in my collection. It includes stuffed animals, mini statues, cookie jars, towels, slippers, pajamas and bed sheets.


Baking is my second hobby.My mom and I took cake decorating classes together when I was younger and I really enjoyed it. I especially love making snacks for my little sister's kindergarten class. There's something about being able to create something pretty out of ordinary food that just makes me happy. I love bringing snacks to her class and seeing how excited the kids get when they see rice krispy treats that look like Frankenstein or egg shaped brownies. My favorite site is, I go here all the time for new ideas and to look at the cake decorating kits I want to have.