Stephanie Stinson


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As previously mentioned, I am currently studying journalism and psychology, with a minor in Spanish. While it does seem like an odd combination, I have wide spread interests and decided the more I studied the more marketable I would become. I enjoy journalism for both the writing and photography aspects. I am currently taking feature writing, as I find the relaxed pace of magazine writing to be more enjoyable, allowing for more in-depth stories. I also took photojournalism, which focused on capturing field images to accompany news stories.

Dentist picture I took for class

In fall 2006, I took specialized photojournalism, which focuses on studio lighting. For my final project in that class, I decided to take famous paintings and reconstruct them in the studio using props and my friends as models. Furthermore, I spent numerous hours editing each in Photoshop and combined the final pieces in a two minute video.

In the field of psychology, I enjoy the areas of developmental, cognitive, and abnormal studies and would ultimately like to use my background in that area in research and therapy for children. To combine my journalism skills, I would enjoy writing for a psychology journal and focus more on the technical writing involved. On the other hand, I would love to use behavioral animal training techniques and my love for marine animals and combine the two in working with animals at marine parks, and am considering adding a minor in zoology to further this effort. My ultimate dream job however, would be to write and photograph for a scuba publication.

After college, I would love to internship in London through the Mountbatten Internship Programme if accepted, or find another internship that would allow me to travel. Of course, living in Central America and working on a boat as a Divemaster is always an option.

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