The Band

The Early Years

I got my start in music playing trumpet at the age of nine. After five years, I gave up the brass. I rejoined the scene two years later in late 2001, briefly playing drums for the alternative rock band Sleep In, which consisted of Dan Wallace (vocals/guitar), Chris Hahn (bass/guitar), and me.

The SixCross Era

Three months later, Hahn and I left Sleep In to form SixCross, a post-hardcore "nu metal" project. SixCross, or 6X, featured James Sheppard (guitar), Keyur Patel (bass), Matt Raspopovich (backup vocals), Hahn (drums), and me (singer/songwriter). The band endured a rollercoaster existence, which included several lineup and name changes, but did gain a devoted (yet small) following amongst St. Pete High students.

SixCross released a four song demo album just after January 1, 2004, but conflict led to the distancing of band members. In the early spring of 2004, 6X became Black December. Gone were Hahn, Raspopovich and Patel, and Ryan Smiley stepped in at drums. Black December's music brought out the more aggressive side of SixCross's music, and several new tracks were written by the trio. High school graduation, lack of practice space, and a missing bassist led to the demise of Black December in the summer of 2004.

The St. Pete Sound Machine

I stumbled back into music, almost unintentionally, through my friend Jonathan Quigley, an experienced and talented musician. In early 2007, Quigley and the St. Pete Players was formed. The lineup includes Quigley (vocals/guitar), Joshua Goldman (bass/backup vocals), and my personal return to percussion. The St. Pete Sound Machine nickname was given to the overall experience of the band's live and studio recordings, performances, artwork and influences. On behalf of the St. Pete Sound Machine, please come visit us at the official Web page of Quigley and the St. Pete Players.

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