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My Biography

My name is Candice Pauley. I was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I was the first of three children. At the time, my parents thought they would never be able to have children. Ever since I have been called the miracle baby (usually only jokingly). While I was still just a developing baby in my mother's womb I was given the nick name "George". Other than the fact that they thought I was a boy, I never fully understood where George came from.

I have a younger brother and an even younger sister. Both of them are in college now, and doing very well. My brother has always been a little reluctant in the learning department. His hearing imparement contributes a lot to that. He is attending McNeese State Univeristy. My sister is just about to finish her first year at the University of Louisisana in Lafayette.

I was raised in a very close knit family. My dad's family was no more than three hours away in Houston, Texas. My mom's family all live in Lake Charles, with the exception of one aunt who only lives an hour and a half away. When I was in the 8th grade, we moved from the house I grew up in to a house that my grandfather built. My grandfather lived just around the corner from us. Shortly after we moved to the block, my uncle completed work on his house, and they moved in next door to my grandfather. Now my mom, her brother, and one of her sisters and their families lived in houses built in large part by my gradfather. In June of '06 he passed away. While it's really sad, it is nice to know that he put a little of himself into each of our homes.

In middle school, I started to play the clarinet, a talent that I would take with me to high school and the first year of college. I was an unashamed band nerd. As a member of one of the best bands in the state, I was proud to be part of something that big. In band I met some of my best friends, and past boyfriends. I was able to travel and compete. In band I went to Washington, D.C. for the first time. That was a trip of many firsts. First time seeing snow, first time seeing the capital, first time being chased off the capital steps for trespassing (an act that would land you in jail now, but this was before 9/11).

Candice at Disney

After high school I went to Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches was a wonderful place to spend four years. I studied mass communication with a concentration in public relations. I had the priveledge of working with some wonderful professors in an accredited program. The school was small as was the town. However, the history was huge. My first job there was with the Cane River National Heritage Area. The heritage area was dedicated to preserving the unique culture and landscape of Natchitoches. I had the opportunity to work on a unique economic impact pilot study for the heritage area in conjunction with Michigan State University. I worked hard in school and graduated with honors. Even though my education at NSU had prepared me with the technical abilities I needed for a job in the real world, I wasn't quite mentally prepared. So instead I decided that more school would be better./P

I applied to several schools, terrified that I wouldn't be accpeted by any of them. Luckily I was accepted by all of them, but none offered scholarship money. Of all of the schools, the University of Florida was in the top three for public relaitons and somewhat less expensive (though not by much). In the Fall of 2005, I moved to Gainesville, Fl, where I am currently in my last semester of the public relations master's program. From here, the world is my playground. I have no particular place or company that I am looking at. So, here I come.

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