ellen maurielle mohler

Dragon Park in Nashville, Tennessee



I enjoy listening to music. I guess the genre I listen to most often would be called indie or something like that. One of my favorite artists is Sufjan Stevens. You can listen to my favorite song of his here: Casimir Pulaski Day.
I also enjoy listening to Regina Spektor, Okkervil River, Jenny Lewis and The Blow. One day I want to learn to write my own songs and sing them with my husband. I think that would be pretty darn cute.


I also am interested in fashion. I like finding good bargains and trying to put together cute outfits on a budget. Thrift stores are always a fun shopping destination, because you have to search to find unique articles of clothing that fit you. Retro or vintage accessories are also fun to dig for at thrift stores. One of my favorite finds is a yellow, flower-printed silk dress that happened to fit me perfectly. I wore it to my friend's summertime wedding.