ellen maurielle mohler

Dragon Park in Nashville, Tennessee

about me

My name is written along the top of this website. People call me Mauri, not Ellen and not Maurielle. Ellen was the name given to me for my Aunt Ellen. Maurielle was inspired by the actress's name Mariel Hemingway with a new spelling. My parents thought it was pretty. My dad wanted to spell it with a y, but I'm glad mom didn't let him because then it would be the same exact spelling as the talk show host. I get enough mentions of him already.

I was born in Mobile, Alabama and had a southern accent from when I began speaking until age three or so when the family and I moved to a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I guess it would be good to introduce my family. I have a dad, a mom and a brother named Destin Heath Parkinson. (He goes by Park.) I pretty much like all of them. :)

After living in Georgia for a couple years, we moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut, which was not too far from New York City. We lived across the street from a lake called Lake Mamanasco. We got to ice skate and row a boat on it. There were also these amazing cliffs along the lake that Dad, Park and I would explore from time to time.

From there, we lived in Woodridge, Illinois (outside Chicago) and Keller, Texas (outside Fort Worth/Dallas). Chicago was also very cold but we had fun with the snow. I started making some very good friends and was sad to leave Texas when it was time to move to Destin, Florida.

This is the place I have called home for the longest period of time, six years. We have lived in a few different houses in the area, but my favorite was located just two blocks from the beach.

My family still lives in Destin, while I am attending school at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. I only have one more year after this Spring 2007 semester. I don't know what I'm doing from here..

We shall see...