Getting to know Gabriel

My name is Gabriel Lopez and I am a photographer. More importantly, I am a Christian. The most important things in my life are all found right here on this awesome Web site I made. Well, not really. These are a few of my favorite things though.

I am proud to have been born and raised in sunny Miami,Florida. This is my second semester at UF and I've only been out of Miami for about six months. I used to work at The Miami Herald in the photo department. I did everything there was to do at the photo desk. It was a pretty incredible two years of my life getting to work along side some Pulitzer Prize winning photographers and other experienced veterans that have been shooting for more than 30 years. I learned so much about photography while at The Herald. I also got to shoot a lot. Nothing beats shooting a rock concert, especially when you're a big fan of the band you're shooting. Check out my Concerts link above.

I just started working at The Gainesville Sun this semester and although it's nothing like The Herald back home, it is still a pretty amazing experience getting to work in a newsroom everyday while I'm in journalism school.