This is just a collection of photos from the trips I've taken in the last year.

Jamiaca, March 2006
canopy tour

This is right before we went on the canopy tour in the rain forest. That was my favorite day.

Mayfield Falls

This is the tour of Mayfield Falls. The tour guide was so annoying- you can kind of tell by the look on our faces!

view out of our room

This is the view out of the front door of our room. Nice, huh?

swimming around caves

This is Jana and I swimming around at a cool resort we decided to pretend we were staying at. They had all these awesome caves to swim around in.

Chicago, October 2006
Big Bean downtown

The big bean in downtown Chicago is quite a work of art.

Millineum Park

This is my best friend, her roomate, and I at Millenium Park. They are in graduate school in Chicago and showed me around the city for the weekend.

Charleston, December 2006
Justin and Mac

Justin, my boyfriend, and his fabulous dog, McDougal, waiting for thier carriage. Hah!

creepy cemetary

This is just one of the creepy grave yards we found in downtown Charleston.

cool house

The houses in downtown Charleston were all so cool.

view down a street

This is just a view down one of the streets.